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I'm Not Happy
(I'm not happy.)
He was dying, yes he knew.
He couldn't breath anymore, yes that was true.
His hands shiver like he was frozen in snow,
And as the days continue, he knew he had to go.
He scribbles in the notebooks and examines all pages,
Looking at everything he wrote all his ages.
It was just like yesterday, he was strong and powerful,
Now he's just a memory, stuck here, all sorrowful.
If only he could turn back time, back to the old days.
Yes if only he can, maybe he won't fade away.
But now there's no time, yes time is running.
Just a few minutes before he gets going.
"But I'm not happy." He utters his words.
No, you don't need, just get killed by the sword.
This life is unfair, yes it always has been.
Maybe it's all measured by how great were his sins.
His unsheathes his blade, and looks at it glint.
Thrusts it forward, it was red in a blink.
He thinks a minute."What about my family?"
They will understand because I'm not happy.
:iconnero-shade:Nero-Shade 183 2
People like me aren't allowed to be warm
People like me have been ignored and left blown away by the storm
People like me cannot feel safe
Everyone can hear them twisting in their graves
We are not allowed to dream
We have no right to choose
And we will leave this world the same way we enter it, with nothing to lose
People like me are born to live without dignity
And they know that their fate will be suffering for eternity
People like me they know that they are the curse
And you need no proof as long as you can read this verse
Since we were born, we were doomed
And that's a fact I can't presume
:iconp3rl-saint:P3rL-Saint 24 27
We are math
Electrons fulfill their wave equations
Bonding polarities shift their vectors
Giving way to kinase phosphorations
On a channel near neural connectors
Anions build within the cell's walls
So Potassium plays with its mates
Sheltered from large sodium rainfalls
By fat magnesium blocking the gates
A signal could pass and make it rain
From many parts throughout the brain
But most frequencies are duly spurned
Unless its what these neighbors learned
The right signal comes, but it's passed on stronger
For the potassium flees the rain a little longer
They push against the kinase's phosphate
To make their departure a tad more late
The vesicles blow from the rain saying go
Making sure the next neuron hears clear
Pushing hard to keep a thought's flow
So even inhibited get their ass in gear
The kinase made the switch, because it wanted change
Cued by serotonin to increase the shout range
And why then did it decide to override inhibition?
The sight of new light gave the brain a mission
:iconpriestofknowledge:priestofknowledge 5 10
Consciousness is nothing but a blip in infinite mathematics
Why not call these blips souls and the infinite mathematics god?
:iconpriestofknowledge:priestofknowledge 19 22
Ghosts of Amusement. by Lily-Harlequin Ghosts of Amusement. :iconlily-harlequin:Lily-Harlequin 4 10 Realms Not Meant For Men by RoyalPsycho Realms Not Meant For Men :iconroyalpsycho:RoyalPsycho 168 29 Defunct 1933 Roller Coaster by AmvoyPhotog Defunct 1933 Roller Coaster :iconamvoyphotog:AmvoyPhotog 57 31
The first time you realize he's lying is a Sunday. He coughs a couple times, maybe once or twice, and you find yourself reaching out, asking, "Are you okay?"
It's habitual, something you always do. It's just reflexive, years of politeness grilled into your head. He knows that, he knows that.
And yet he glares at you suspiciously. "I'm fine."
A small voice in the back of your head says, 'Liar' and you wonder just where that came from. Because you know he'd never lie to you, you've been best friends for far too long for that.
But that's the only logical explanation as to why he's staring at you as though he's trying to puzzle something out. Maybe he's just wondering how you could possibly know he's not telling the truth...
The second time you realize he's lying, he's at school. The professor approaches, asking for the essay he was supposed to write.
"I don't have it." His face is troubled, worried, and, as that tiny voice inside your head points
:iconkazumisangel:kazumisangel 69 76
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